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In his arms... [Jan. 29th, 2004|10:22 pm]
[mood |lonelylonely]
[music |Celine Dion- I'm your lady]

Hmm today wasn't really that great of a day. Started off really bad, then my dad had surgury today so i was like a nervouse wreck hoping that it wouldn't paralyze him. After school Alicia went with me to go see him, we stopped and got him this huge ass balloon and a cute lil teddybear.. He was soooo drugged up it was funny as hell. Janette was there, she stayed with us last night. Grr.. As much as I don't want to like her, I think I sort of am, but then again I don't want to because she is not my mom in any way shape or form. I'm not even gonna call her my stepmom.. just Janette, my dads wife.. She's had nothing to do with my life of rasiing me and I don't want her to be a motherly figure in my life. So what if i'm selfish.. I'm not ready for my dad to get married.. he's only been divorced for a year.. Just pisses me and my brother off.
I was off work today, tomorrow 11pm-7am them I'm off on Saturday. I'm soo gonna stay awake till 9 go get my check cashed, go home go to bed, sleep then go get my hair done. Not really sure what i'm gonna do to it.
Saturday night, I'm going up to Hattiesburg to spend the night with James. I just really need to be around him right now. He's been there for me through everything with my parents..It just feels sooo safe with him.. I'm gonna go pick him up from work, go to his apt.. crawl up in his bed talk for a while (seriosuly) and fall asleep in his arms. It just feels so right with him, don't get me wrong, he's my best friend.. but the on and off 2 year relationship between me and him finally ended (due to stress,him being an hour and a half away) so.. were keeping it on a "just friends" level , so that we don't fall back into our old habits of sayin fuck it.. lets make out.. it'll be right.. but then after its like.. god i love you but we can't do this, it'll hurt to much for the borh of us ( and he is soooooooo right, to many crying nights )
Oh well, I've gota skyy blue chillin in the freezer.. i'm gona go do that then do some homework.. (shh) night yall xoxo Kers
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I hate change [Jan. 28th, 2004|09:25 pm]
[mood |aggravatedaggravated]
[music |Lila McCann - to get me to you]

Yeah, so my dads getting married in March. Me and my brother are compleltly pissed at my dad. She's spending the week here while my dads having surgury. I don't even want to give her a chance even tho i know i should.
My job has gotten even waaaaaaay crazier.. working 9 days streight for 8 hours each time.. this friday i work from 11pm-7am.. how crazy is that??? i mean come on people i'm fucking 18 years old
Saturday is my day off thank god, i'm going to get my hair done, nails done, shopping and maybe a tattoo.. not really sure about that part yet. But that night i'm goin out with alicia and her boyfriend and his friends.. hmm maybe i'll find some luck with that.. found out the guy i was seeing was hiding the fact that he was married and had a kid.. man that like crushed my heart, i felt soooooooooooo bad..
I saw Jeremy the other day, he didn't see me tho, thank god, it would of just been HORRIBLE.. same night i saw donny at walmart.. but i dunno.. i'm just at the point where i'm over guys bullshit.. it's not even worth the whole dating process anymore.. I just need to have guy friends, and not date them haha
But alright I need to go do something, maybe might go clean my room or actually do my homework, not really sure yet but byee!!!
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Hmmm... [Jan. 12th, 2004|10:48 pm]
[mood |ecstaticecstatic]
[music |Underneath- Jessica Simpson]

I absolutly cannot wait to go to disney world. I'm so afraid that i'm gonna like flip out when i see mickey mouse and cinderlla.. hey.. understand me.. i've never gone before. Schools going great so far, i absoultly love my 2 new classes.. i've got like best friends in both of them. And, it goes by really really fast too =)
My dad is over at his girlfriends house all night.. woohoo.. oh well atleast he's not buggin me. She wants to come to my graduation, but sorry no way in hell am I going to do that to my mom. I told mike ( my bro) about it.. he feels the same way.. she really dosn't need to come.. Let me explain further. Jenette (sp?) is the girl my dad dated back in highschool before he dated and married my mom..
My mom is going out on dates.. it's so frekin cute yall.. you'd have to understand my mom.. it's just soo adorable... she wears really cute clothes and she even wears makeup now~!! ahh to cute lol..
Eh, the other day after school I was walking with Maddie and she was lookin for Sarah, well i saw her and maddie was like just come wiht me.. I went with her.. no words had to be said.. we both just hugged and cried lol.. right outside the exit to student parking lot.. i missed her soo much but we both needed to get over our pride.. i'm sad that we missed out on a year of friendship (we've been frinds since like we were waaaaaaaaaaaaay little) but everythings way better.. she wants to hang out with me at disney and bond again haha gota love that crazy mofo!
Alright I really need to go clean and pack for disney.. i'll talk to yall later xoxox Kers
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Hey [Jan. 11th, 2004|12:52 am]
Hey, I finally got around to getting one of these things so I can keep ma ashley and aajay updated on my life and other stupid reasons just for me to get out and vent.. Ehh, I dunno a lot has changed for me in the past few months. I've come to realize a lota things.. but still trying to understand and yet beliving in fate will work out.. alright thats it for right now.. i just got offa work so i'm tired as hell.. lata xoxo Kers
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